Monday, 9 January 2012

2 PhD Students Tailored Treatment and systems biology of Chronic Heart Failure

Specificaties - (uitleg)
FunctietypesPhD positions
Wetenschappelijke disciplineHealth
Uren36.0 uren per week
Salaris€ 2107 - € 2700
Werk-/denkniveauHigher Professional Education +
Solliciteer binnen 28 dagen op deze vacature

In Europe the prevalence of heart failure (HF) is about 10-20 in 1000 persons and the prevalence is rising due to the ageing European population. In persons over 75 years of age about 10% is affected. Despite major improvements in the last decennium, prognosis and quality of life of CHF patients is limited. One of the reasons is that response to pharmacological treatment varies between individuals. To investigate markers of treatment-response, 5000 HF patients will be followed in the BiOSTAT-CHF project for mortality, hospitalization and their quality of life. Demographic data, established biomarkers and new genomic and proteomic biomarkers will be combined in prognostic models to predict treatment-response. The BiOSTAT-CHF is an EU-funded project with collaborators from France, Greece, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and the UK ( 
Within this project there are two vacant positions for PhD students.
1. The primary aim of the first project is the development of prognostic models for the response to pharmacological treatment by CHF patients. The prognostic models concern mortality and morbidity of the patients and will be based on well known statistical methods using established risk factors of CHF as well as new biomarkers identified from genome-wide and proteome-wide biomarker identification. The prognostic models will be developed from the primary BiOSTAT-CHF sample and will be validated in a well characterized second sample. 

2. The primary aim of the second project is the development of a systems biology approach to link the multidimensional clinical phenotypes of the CHF-patients and their outcome to genetic markers, gene transcription and translation levels in peripheral blood cells. Aim is to derive concise causal pathogenetic pathways that link the genetic and molecular data to the different CHF phenotypes and outcomes. For this project it is necessary to develop new statistical and bioinformatics methods.


We look for investigators with a master of science in medicine, biomedical/life sciences or (clinical) epidemiology (project 1) and investigators with a master of science in bioinformatics or mathematics/statistics (project 2). For both projects a very good command of the English language (spoken and in writing) is required because of frequent and intensive contacts with partners in the BiOSTAT-CHF project. Experience with clinical research and CHF is preferred but not a prerequisite. Candidates must be willing to travel to participating centers across Europe.


- A full time PhD position with the possibility to participate in the exiting BiOSTAT-CHF project and to write PhD-theses on developing future tools for personalized medicine and understanding molecular biological underpinnings of chronic heart failure.
- Employment by the AMC Medical Research foundation for a period of 12 months, with possible extension of the contract to 48 months.
- A gross salary will be € 2.107,00 per month in the first year, with an increase to the maximum of € 2.700,00 per month in the fourth year. In addition the AMR BV has an End of Year Bonus of 8.3% and a holiday payment of 8% of the gross yearly salary. 
- As a PhD candidate, you are entitled to follow courses provided by the AMC Graduate School.
Dienstverband: Temporary, 12 months, with possible extension of the contract to 48 months

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