Monday, 9 January 2012

PhD student Land use changes in Russia and their impact on migrating geese

Specificaties - (uitleg)
FunctietypesPhD positions
Uren38.0 uren per week
Werk-/denkniveauUniversity Graduate
VacaturenummerESG ECO-0076
Solliciteer binnen 7 dagen op deze vacature

We are looking for an enthousiastic PhD student for the following research. The breaking up of the former USSR led to profound social and economic changes in those areas of Russia, White Russia, the Baltic Republics and Ukraine that are important to geese that migrate in winter to Western Europe. In the countryside much arable agriculture decreased, especially north of 55 degrees north but also in the steppe area in the south, livestock numbers decreased profoundly, river valleys get overgrown and hunting regimes change. The PhD student will study land use changes at the hand of sociological surveys, census outcomes and satellite imagery with the aim to understand changes in the migratory routes and population development of Barnacle geese, White fronted geese and Bean geese, and to make wellfounded predictions under different scenario developments. This has important implications for goose conservation.

Additional information about the vacancy can be obtained form Dr. Sip van Wieren,             0317-483434      ;

We ask that the selected candidate should have a Master’s degree, or equivalent, in ecology with proven abilities to interpret remotely sensed imageries. Preferably she or he can read and speak Russian. A driving license is a necessity and so is the willingness and ability to travel independently in the named countries. Sound knowledge of spatial statistics is important as well as proven publication skills.

We offer a full time position (38 hours), initially for 18 months. If your suitability in this position is apparent, the period of employment will be extended to the remainder of your PhD study, with another 30 months. Gross salary starts at 2042 Euro per month during the first year, increasing to 2612 Euro per month during the fourth year. Commencing as soon as possible. The candidate will be based at the Resource Ecology Group in Wageningen. 
Temporary, 18 maanden met een verlenging tot 4 jaar

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