Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Naval Architect (Shipbuilding Engineer) (expires 15 nov.)

Uniservice Uitzendbureau
Hazenkamp 36

Uniservice Uitzendbureau
Consulente: Mascha
Tel: 026 32 72 513

Omschrijving: Our client is a large organization active in Shipbuilding both nationally and internationally.

Purpose of the function:
Work out specifications and making of drawings for new and standard ships in the field of shipbuilding engineering. This will be done within the framework of project plans and must meet the required criteria, rules and (government) regulations.

Some further detailed job description

*With regard to worked out designing and drawings:
-Drawing up construction plans and producing of work- and detail drawings according to the general plan, procedures and directions of project leader and project managers of production (the product group).
-Judging of general plan en procedures in relation with the rules and regulations.
-Adjusting of the line plans due to changing.
-Making of construction drawings for various components/accessories.
-Determining the size and the exact location of components/accessories
according to (inter)national rules and regulations, class and purpose of
-Drawing up of safety plan, determining of needed safety means and the
location of it (taking the rules and regulation in consideration).

*With regard to worked out constructions and drawings:
-making of constructions and divisions- and drawings of accommodations, cover plan, motor foundation, ventilation systems etc. taking the interaction between various systems and their fittings into consideration.

*With regard to executed calculations:
-Calculating the load/stress of the ship.
-Calculating of line plans due to the stability.
-Calculating of construction according to type of procedures and shaping.
-Setting up and working out of the weld list, taking the shape and shrinking of steel into consideration.

*With regard to setting up lists:
-Producing order list and setting up technical specifications for purchasing,
according to plans.
*With regard to respecting internal rules:
-Following the corporate rules and regu

Referentienumber : 1508072
Soort contract : Vast
Startdatum :
Einddatum :

Bachelor - / Master Degree in shipbuilding education.

About 5-7 years experience.

Or: Advanced level of English language and be willing to learn and speak the Dutch language in time.

*Duration of the job:
NOT temporary. The good and motivated candidate(s) can stay for unlimited time.
Contactpersoon bij deze vacature
Naam contactpersoon : Mascha
Afdeling : Uitzend Afdeling
Telefoonnummer : 026-3272513
E-mailadres :


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